A Record Year for FINRA Fines

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A Record Year for FINRA Fines

With the levying of some very hefty fines, FINRA is set to beat last year’s amount by nearly 70%, according to a recent Investment News article. In the first half of 2016 alone, FINRA assessed four fines over $5 million dollars each. The article called attention specifically to the $20 million dollar fine MetLife Inc. agreed to pay as well at the $17 million dollar Raymond James Financial Inc. fine – the largest anti-money laundering fine in FINRA’s history. However, the jump in fine amount is not attributed solely to these mega fines. The article states that the smaller FINRA fines are increasing. While the fines are increasing, the amount of restitution ordered is decreasing to an estimated total of $28 million, which is 71% less than last year.

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