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While a small boutique firm, The Frankowski Firm will not back down from a fight. Our securities fraud attorneys will go against even the largest brokerage firms all over the country. Below are some firms that we have litigated against:

Here are just a few of the awards we’ve won for our injured clients:

  • One investor won over $1,000,000, plus 6% pre-award interest
  • A group of three investors won over $120,000 and over $26,000 in attorney fees
  • A group of seven investors won over $577,000, were repaid over $26,000 in fees and awarded over $124,000 in attorney fees
  • Two claimants won over $666,000 combined and $25,00 in attorney fees
  • One investor won $25,000 and over $11,000 in attorney fees
  • One investor won 100% of their losses, over $47,000, and over $14,000 in attorney fees
  • Many investors we represented won the maximum award in a simplified arbitration

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