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Dez Bryant Sues Former Advisor

NFL star and Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Dez Bryant is suing his former advisor, Royce West. West is currently a Texas state senator. The suit claims that West breached his “professional and fiduciary duty.”

West filed suit against Bryant last month, seeking financial compensation for damages Bryant allegedly caused to a house he rented.

Bryant’s counterclaim states that West used Bryant’s fame and success to “improperly line his own pockets and those of his business associates.”

West was formerly Bryant’s attorney and advised Bryant on legal, financial, and business matters. Bryant claims that West used this position to suggest his friend David Wells to be Bryant’s financial manager. Wells subsequently absconded with more than $200,000 of Bryant’s money.

West and Wells had created a company called Dez I Enterprises, Inc., through which West allegedly told endorsement companies and others to make payments to Wells. The suit claims Dez Bryant never received much of this money.

Bryant seeks to recover all of his losses and to have his fees paid.

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