FINRA Begins Retrospective Rule Review

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FINRA Begins Retrospective Rule Review

FINRA issued two new Regulatory Notices recently in order to review rules on an ongoing basis. Regultatory Notice 14-14 requests comments on FINRA’s communications with the public rules, and Regulatory Notice 14-15 requests comments on gifts, gratuities, and non-cash compensation rules. FINRA’s rule reviews are targeted toward ensuring their rules stay relevant and are effectively designed to achieve their ends .

FINRA’s review process is completed in two stages. In the first stage, the findings stage, FINRA evaluates rules as they currently operate. In the second stage, the action stage, FINRA will engage in the rule-making process if it is found to be warranted in the first stage. FINRA then organizes rules for review and will consider a number of factors in order to complete the process. The regulatory notices identify specific rules FINRA has noted for review and ask for comment on a series of questions pertaining to the efficacy of those rules .

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