Florida State Regulators Warn Of Scam’s Fake Paperwork

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Florida State Regulators Warn Of Scam’s Fake Paperwork

The Florida Office of Financial Regulation issued a consumer alert last week pertaining to a scam that involves the unauthorized use of the office’s name and logo. The fake paperwork was sent to one individual, possibly more, in an email in the form of an invoice that looked to be authentic on initial inspection. The email was sent to a South Florida consumer, who then forwarded it to the Office of Financial Regulation to see if it was legitimate.

The email attachment itemized a variety of fees the consumer was supposed to pay in order to collect a large sum of money allegedly from the Multi-State Lottery Association and the National Manufacturers Association. The invoice bore the Florida state seal as well as the Office of Financial Regulation’s logo and Tallahassee address. Further, the invoice referred to lottery dollars, which the Office of Financial Regulation states it would never contact a consumer about.

The agency further states that any document requesting the payment of fees in advance in order to claim money is a red flag as fraudsters go to great trouble to make fake documents appear authentic and many times use the names of established, well-known organizations to fool unsuspecting victims.

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