Former Alabama Attorney Sentenced For Investor Fraud

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Former Alabama Attorney Sentenced For Investor Fraud

Last month, Christopher Shawn Linton, a former attorney from Alabaster, Alabama was sentenced to almost six years in a federal prison following his guilty plea for his role in defrauding investors out of $2.5 million. Instead of investing that money, Linton bought a $560,000 house, took trips to the Caribbean, bought numerous other luxury items, and took a trip to New York City in 2010 for former Auburn University quarterback Cam Newton’s Heisman Trophy ceremony.

Linton pleaded guilty in February to wire fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud and money laundering. He has also surrendered his law license. Sentenced to 71 months in prison, Linton will also have to pay $2.5 million restitution to twelve investors. Additionally, he will serve five years probation after he is released from prison.

Linton persuaded investors to sign a loan and promissory note but misrepresented the purpose of the loan. The loan and agreement misrepresented to investors that the funds would be used for either the purchase of assets or capital stock of Integrity Capital Inc., or the purchase of government back vouchers and other commercial loans. Linton mailed fraudulent letters with false account statements and sent checks that purported to be quarterly interest payments in attempt to convince the investors that the investments were legitimate.

One of Linton’s victims was a retired Birmingham firefighter, who said that after losing $300,000 of his retirement, he is now faced with the possibility of having to get a part-time job at the age of 70.

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