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How To File A Claim With FINRA

In order to begin the arbitration process, a party should file a Statement of Claim with FINRA. This party is called the “claimant.” The party against whom the Statement is filed is called the respondent. The Statement of Claim itself should be thorough and include as many details as possible relating to the claim. This information may include the following: relevant dates, names of entities and individuals involved, the type of relief requested, and the respondents from whom the claimant is seeking relief or damages. Claimants may recover actual monetary damages, interest, and/or specific performance. After filing the Statement of Claim, the claimant should file a Submission Agreement and pay filing fees. These fees can be paid by check or paid online .

Claimants can file their claims either online or by mail. To file a claim online, click here to go to the Arbitration Online Claim Filing System. To file a claim by mail, review the Uniform Forms Guide. After creating the necessary documents, submit them with the filing fees to FINRA, One Liberty Plaza, 165 Broadway, New York, NY 10006. When mailing documents, assemble them in the following order: check or money order, submission agreement with additional copies, claim information sheet, Statement of Claim and Exhibits.

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