Leavitt Sanders’ Clients May Have Legal Rights

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Leavitt Sanders’ Clients May Have Legal Rights

The Frankowski Firm, LLC has filed several lawsuits alleging that Leavitt Sanders and the entities he traded through committed investment fraud. These entities include Leavitt Financial Group, Inc., Sanders Yearian Advisory Group, Inc., Triad Advisors, Inc., IFC Holdings, Inc. d/b/a INVEST Financial Corporation, and Capital Asset Advisory Services, LLC. The investors allegedly defrauded, many of whom are of retirement age, depended on the funds they entrusted to Sanders and allege that he and the associated firms failed to act in accordance with the investors’ objectives and with the applicable standard of care. The investors, having suffered catastrophic losses to their life savings, also allege that Sanders breached his duties and engaged in wrongful conduct.

According to the investors, Sanders made trades and engaged in other investment activities without their authority. Furthermore, he failed to properly keep the investors informed about the trading within their accounts. Specifically, he engaged in “block purchasing,” which is the purchase of numerous shares of common stock and the subsequent allocation of the shares among investors’ accounts.

In addition to block purchasing, Sanders allegedly failed to adequately diversify the investors’ accounts in accordance with the investors’ ages, risk-tolerances, goals, and objectives. He also engaged in margin trading (which is the purchase of securities with borrowed money), utilized options trading, and made material misrepresentations to the investors.

According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck, customers have already filed more than 30 complaints against Sanders for the same type of account mismanagement.

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