Subprime Lawsuits Increase

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Subprime Lawsuits Increase

Alistair Barr of Marketwatch reports that State Street Corp’s decision to set aside $618 million to cover subprime litigation costs has increased concern that insurers offering policies covering such expenses could be hit with big claims from the credit crisis.

State Street said the reserve was needed to pay for lawsuits and possible settlements stemming from complaints about the fixed-income strategies managed by its State Street Global Advisors investment arm. The funds were hit by exposure to falling subprime mortgage markets and a lack of liquidity, the company explained. See full story

State Street has insurance covering legal costs and expects to get some of the money back from claiming on the policy, Ronald Logue, chief executive of State Street, told analysts and investors during a conference call on Thursday. The value of that coverage wasn’t included in the reserve for accounting reasons, he added.

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